How to Write Children's Books

How To Write A Successful Children’s Book

This is a guest post by Teigan Margetts, Co-Founder, Ethicool Books. There is a common misconception that writing Children’s books is an easy feat. Something...
Kindle Paperwhite Goa Airport

How My Kindle Changed My Reading Habits!

I took a long time to buy my first Kindle. It was on that side of the debate where books were sacrosanct. You needed...
Best Books of 2016

Best Books of 2016 – Fiction & Non-Fiction

That time of the year when I look back at the best books I read in the year gone by. This also means compiling...
The Future of Reading

The Future of Reading – Where does it lie?

Is the future of reading in the dystopian world of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 in which books are banned? Or is it in the...
Earth Hour by WWF

Earth Hour – a Climate change initiative

Earth Hour has been making news for a few years now. Encouraging us to switch off lights at a given hour every year for...
Best Books of 2015

Best Books of 2015 – Book Reviews

2015 passed away faster than I could have imagined. There was so much to keep me occupied that it was only when I saw...

Journey as an Author – Some Thoughts

The Journey as an author has many ups and downs. Same as any other journey and gives you as many insights into life and...
Creator of Short Story Challenge - Distant Echoes

The Short Story Challenge – Distant Echoes

This is a guest post by AnuReviews reader Gargi Mehra - who has been a part of this short story challenge where a group...
Digital Pioneers of India

Top Books of 2014 You may like to read – Book Reviews

I will share the list of Top books of 2014 in this post but first, would like to say that 2014 would remain a special...
Anureviews National record Limca Book of Records

Completing a Circle with Limca Book of Records

This year in the 25th edition of India’s premier record book Limca Book of Records, this blog found a place as a record...

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