Amuktamalyada Krishnadevaraya

Amuktamalyada – Giver Of The Worn Garland By Krishnadevaraya

Amuktamalyada is a poem written by Krishnadevaraya - the mighty king of Vijayanagara who I better know from the ruins of his kingdom at...
Raghuvamsham by Kalidasa

Reading Raghuvamsham Mahakavya by Kalidasa

Why are we still taught Shakespeare and not Kalidasa in Indian Schools? Lately, I heard this question a lot. So, I decided to attempt...
Kabir by Hazari Prasad Dwivedi

Kabir by Hazari Prasad Dwivedi – Hindi Book Review

Kabir is a poet I connect with the best. His simple Sakhis can say in two lines what people find it difficult to say...
Amir Khusrau- The Man in Riddles by Ankit Chadha

Amir Khusrau – The Man In Riddles By Ankit Chadha

Amir Khusrau - you have probably heard him, even if you do not know you have. If you have been to the Dargah of...
Saamarthya by Shashiprakash Saini

Saamarthya by Shashiprakash Saini

A small self-published book of Hindi poems by a Kashi resident comes to me for review. And I tell the poet that it is...

Andha Yug by Dharamvir Bharti

The book Andha Yug is written as a poem cum drama. Dialogues are somewhere between a poem and prose. The whole book is about...

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