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Anu Reviews is open to receiving review copies of the books from publishers and authors.

I use images from the publisher or author websites. In case someone had objection to use of images from their websites, please let me know, I will click my own picture of the book cover which may not be as good as yours.

I do not charge for doing books reviews, but that also means that there is no obligation to review the book just because you have sent me a free review copy. If the book interests me, I will read it and I review every book that I read.

Please do not send requests of writing positive reviews or promoting your book through social media. I will write a review based on what I feel about the book. I will not be able to return the books you send me, they all get added to my library. All the reviews I write are owned by me but can be referenced by you for promoting the book.

You can contact me for author interview if I have read at least one book by the author. All the interviews will go in the Author speak section and will be an IP of this blog.

In case you want a review to be done within a certain timeframe, please let me know.

I love to read books in these Genres:

  1. Fiction – Literary and Contemporary
  2. Innovation – this is my bread and butter subject
  3. Travel  – this is what I write on, so would read anything on this
  4. Biographies including memoirs and business biographies
  5. History – Ancient history interests me more than other periods
  6. Historical Fiction – entertaining way to learn the history
  7. Psychology – include self-help here
  8. Philosophy – Ancient Indian philosophies are closer to me
  9. Spirituality 
  10. Mythology and folklore
  11. Indology

Having said that I am not limited to these genres, do check with me if you have something really interesting in any field.

We do not review Poetry Books.

For e-books, I use Kindle, and I prefer to get books in Kindle format.

You can also get in touch with me for:

  • Advertising on Anu Reviews
  • Running focussed campaigns for your book
  • Hosting Give Aways

Best way to reach me is on e-mail:  [email protected]

Spread the Love