In Pune, I picked a lot of Osho books from Osho Meditation Resort. I am not sure when I will get the time to read them all. This was one of those books. I always find it difficult to write something about the Osho books. As they are so simple that it is futile to analyze them. This book Nirvana: The Last Nightmare: Learning to Trust in Life takes 5 Zen stories and Osho uses these stories to give his messages.

Through explaining these stories, he tries to tell that happiness or Nirvana or whatever you are seeking is not for the future. It is right here right now and once you realize that ‘everything is here in this moment’, you would stop seeking. As always, he tries to challenge the common beliefs of his followers. Confuses them by making contradictory statements, at times shakes them, but all the time loves them. One take away from this particular book is to do away with your conditioning, which I guess is the most difficult task. To be able to see things and live our lives without our conditioning is what Nirvana is all about.

Nirvana: The Last Nightmare: Learning to Trust in Life by Osho

Osho enjoys talking about Gandhi. And breaking the popular beliefs about him and unveiling his over-hyped public image. In this book Nirvana: The Last Nightmare, he talks about his obsession with bowel movement and linking everything to the bowel movement. While he is explaining the impacts of being obsessive about anything. He gives interesting insights into the waves of obsession that keep hitting the world. And how one gives way to the other.

The tagline of the book says ‘Zen teaches trust not belief’, that beautifully sums up the essence of this book.

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