My monthly column in Channel 6 magazine captures books on one topic. This Nov column spoke about the books on Mahabharata.

Books on Mahabharata


C6 Nov 13 2

Books covered in this article

  1. Yuganta by Irawati Karve

  2. Devdutt Pattnaik ‘s Jaya – Illustrated Retelling of Mahabharata

  3. The Difficulty of Being Good by Gurcharan Das

  4. Mrityunjaya by Shivaji Savant

  5. Draupadi by Pratibha Ray
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  1. […] Fatehpur Sikri was built in the honor of the saint Salim Chishti. Who blessed Akbar with sons and once his blessings came true, Akbar decided to move his capital near the saint. And built this whole new city called Fatehpur Sikri in late 16th CE. He smartly combined the two words – an Arabic ‘Fateh’ for victory and Hindi ‘Pur’ for the city. Sikri was the name of the original village here that existed on the edge of a natural lake and finds a mention in Mahabharata. […]


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