The Eighth Guest & other Muzaffar Jang Mysteries by Madhulika Liddle

The Eighth Guest & other Muzaffar Jang Mysteries by Madhulika Liddle

The Eighth Guest & other Muzaffar Jang Mysteries is about 10 mysteries. Which the young, handsome and rich Amir from the times of Shahajahan...
The Secret of Nagas by Amish

The Secret of The Nagas by Amish

This second book in the Shiva Trilogy The Secret of the Nagas by Amish was probably the most awaited book since people read his...

Vaishali ki Nagarvadhu by Acharya Chatursen

I have come to believe that a book lands up in your hands when the time is just right for you to read it....

Pyre of Queens (Return of Ravana) by David Hair

A New Zealander who has studied history visits an old fort in Rajasthan. And gets inspired to write a story. He uses his imagination...

The Crimson Throne by Sudhir Kakar

I have read two earlier works of Sudhir, Ecstasy & Mira and the Mahatma. I do not remember much about the first one. But...

Immortals of Meluha by Amish – Part I of Shiva Trilogy

Imagine the classic Indian tale of Shiva Parvati being told in a rational and logical way in the language that is colloquial and contemporary. While...

The Englishman’s Cameo by Madhulika Liddle

Imagine the lives of people in the times of Shahjahan. When the city of Shahjahanabad had just been set up. And the court moved...

Delhi a Novel by Khushwant Singh

I picked up this book Delhi a Novel in my quest to read about Delhi, and I knew the author is someone who has...

Twilight in Delhi by Ahmed Ali

Ahmed Ali was a Delhi based author poet and diplomat. Born in the first decade of the 20th century, he was witness to the changes...

Yayati: A Classic Tale of Lust by V S Khandekar

Tales from Mahabharata have this quality that you can read them over and over again. Every time you read them you get more drawn...

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