Trusha Ganesh - A Child Prodigy

Meet Trusha Ganesh – A Child Prodigy

Trusha Ganesh - She is just 12, she is already a published author, she writes 3 blogs and she has a basketful of dreams....
Author Manju Dasgupta

Manju Dasgupta: An Author you wish was your Granny

I met Manju Aunty (Manju Dasgupta) as my friend Subhorup's mother at his place. She lovingly signed her book for me and said, she...

Author Sharell Cook on adopting India

As you can see from my review that I enjoyed reading the book by Sharell Cook. Author Sharell Cook Interview Were you writing this book as...
Chhimi Tenduf-La

Best Books on Sri Lanka – Chhimi Tenduf-La

Sri Lanka is a country blessed with great diversity and charm. Thus, it provides a wonderful backdrop for a number of my favorite books, both...
The Future of Reading

The Future of Reading – Where does it lie?

Is the future of reading in the dystopian world of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 in which books are banned? Or is it in the...
James Joseph God's Own Office

James Joseph on Working from God’s Own Home

James Joseph, in my opinion, is going to be a trendsetter in bringing back talent to its roots. In his book God's Own Office,...
Shweta Punj Author of Why I Failed

Author Shweta Punj on Success & Failure

Shweta Punj author of the book Why I Failed shares her thoughts with Anureviews. Interview with author Shweta Punj Tell us something about yourself - where...

Saaz Aggarwal talks about her multi-faceted life

Author Saaz Aggarwal interview with AnuReviews. Saaz Aggarwal Interview I am really curious to know if you chose the sequence of those pieces, or was it...
Interview of Author Harish Bhat

Harish Bhat: A Storyteller behind the Corporate Exterior

I found a fairytale-like quality in his writing in his book TataLog, and he is one himself. Harish Bhat is better known as the...
Author The Land of Seven Rivers - Sanjeev Sanyal Interview

Man behind Land of Seven Rivers – Sanjeev Sanyal Interview

Sanjeev Sanyal, the author The Land of Seven Rivers - a book that talks about India at the intersection of History & Geography talks...

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