Author of Simian Vikram Balagopal on Creating Graphic Novels

Vikram Balagopal on Creating Graphic Novels

The author of Graphic novel series SIMIAN, Vikram Balagopal talks about the art & craft of creating a graphic novel. Vikram Balagopal Interview Tell us about your...
Dr. Srinivas Reddy - Musician Author on Translating Kalidasa

Dr. Srinivas Reddy – Musician Author on Translating Kalidasa

Dr. Srinivas Reddy is a scholar of languages and literature and teaches Indian Classical Music. I read his translation of Kalidasa's Malavikagnimitram and that...
Green Wars Bahar Dutt

Interview with Bahar Dutt on Green Wars

I loved the stories of Green Wars. It introduced me to animals and landscapes of a place far and wide. I had many questions for...
Trusha Ganesh - A Child Prodigy

Meet Trusha Ganesh – A Child Prodigy

Trusha Ganesh - She is just 12, she is already a published author, she writes 3 blogs and she has a basketful of dreams....
Author Manju Dasgupta

Manju Dasgupta: An Author you wish was your Granny

I met Manju Aunty (Manju Dasgupta) as my friend Subhorup's mother at his place. She lovingly signed her book for me and said, she...
Vishwas Mudagal

Vishwas Mudagal on Writing & Entrepreneurship

Of the contemporary authors, I loved reading Vishwas Mudagal book Losing my Religion - for it is modern but not frivolous. So I decided...
Elizabeth Chatterjee Author of Delhi Mostly Harmless

Mostly Harmless Elizabeth Chatterjee

Elizabeth Chatterjee is the author of the book Delhi Mostly Harmless. Know about her and her thoughts on the book. Elizabeth Chatterjee Interview Tell us something...
Akshay Manwani Author of Sahir Ludhianvi - The People's Poet

Akshay Manwani on Chronicling Sahir Ludhianvi

Akshay Manwani the author of the biography of Sahir Ludhianvi talks to Anu Reviews. Akshay Manwani - Chronicling Sahir Ludhianvi Tell us about your growing up. Where...
Author Swapna Dutta

Veteran Author Swapna Dutta on her journey

I met Swapna Dutta Ji at Publishing Next Conference last year and loved spending time with her. I am so happy that she agreed...
Shweta Punj Author of Why I Failed

Author Shweta Punj on Success & Failure

Shweta Punj author of the book Why I Failed shares her thoughts with Anureviews. Interview with author Shweta Punj Tell us something about yourself - where...

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