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Monthly Archives: June 2011

The Buddha and Dr Fuhrer by Charles Allen


I have often been intrigued about how the excavations are done, how the records of various finds are reconciled and how the archeologists and historians work out the history especially from the pre-historic times. I picked up this book to understand the dynamics of tracing history through archeological evidences. The book takes you through the excavations of stupas spread across the terai region on the border of India and Nepal towards the end of late 19th century. A stupa that […]

Thanjavur by Pradeep Chakarvarthy and Vikaram Sathyanathan


The book intends to take you through the cultural history of Thanjavur, one of the prime cultural centres of ancient India, which as a space has the credit of being a pioneer for many forms of arts. The most important of which being the Brihadeeshawara temple built by Cholas some 1000 years ago, where the art forms like classical dance of Bharatnatyam and the Carnatic music were probably born but definitely flourished. When we think of Tanjore, we think of […]

The Mummy With No Name by Geronimo Stilton


I believe these are hugely popular series of children’s books whose authorship is credited to the key character Geronimo Stilton. The stories are from the Mouse world, yes the quintessential rodent. There is his whole family with a sister, cousin and a nephew and then there are friends and a whole cast of other characters. Geronimo runs a newspaper called The Rodent’s Gazette and lives in New Mouse City on Mouse Island. The small book is a graphic book with […]

India – A traveller’s literary companion Edited by Chandrahas Choudhury

India - A Travellers literary companion by Chandrahas Choudhury

13 stories from all 5 corners of India comprise this well edited anthology of stories that you give the various flavours of India. Some stories have been written in English while the others have been translated from regional languages. There are well know well-read authors’ stories and there are relatively new writers. Each story introduces you to a small slice of India. My favourite story was Panchlight, which is probably the smallest but the most powerful story of a small […]