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Monthly Archives: March 2010

THE FLIPSIDE by Adam J Jackson


I stopped buying and reading self help books long time back and my opinion of them is pretty much firmed up. They are good to read when you are feeling down and out, they can pep you up for sometime but beyond that they may not serve much of the purpose. This book, which talks about ‘Finding the hidden opportunities in life’, came to me for review. To be honest, I did not think I would read it, but for […]

10 Easy walks in Old Delhi by Gaynor Barton and Laurraine Malone


I have always been a fan of Walking tours, and having done them in various places, it was time to explore Delhi by walking around. A friend recommended me to refer to this small book written by two ex-pat ladies who lived in Delhi and who went around exploring Old Delhi. They designed these 10 easy walks, each of which can typically be done in 2-3 hours, which is an ideal time to take a walking tour. It must have […]

Books on Delhi


I got this list of 50 books on Delhi from Outlook India Website and I have added books that I know of and are not included in the Outlook list. I believe this is a list that I am going to keep expanding. FICTION 1.Above Average (2006) by Amitabha Bagchi – A touching coming-of-age story that moves between the IIT Campus and Mayur Vihar–with some surprisingly good descriptions of the latter. 2. The Bride’s Mirror (2004) by Nazir Ahmad – First […]

My Friend Sancho by Amit Varma


  Chetan Bhagat has sure inspired a whole generation of writers to write, and in some cases they have taken forward his legacy to the next level. This book I would put in the same category but it is definitely better than Chetan Bhagat’s books because at least it has a plot and some story is woven around that plot. Language is witty and it does make you laugh. It is a book written by a boy and by a […]

The Delhi that No-one knows by R V Smith


This ‘can fit in your pocket’ size book is big enough to invoke romantic interest in Delhi. In less than 150 pages, the author shares so many myths, legends and stories associated with Delhi and you would want to get up and go to those places, and see the stories for yourself. The book is loosely divided into 4 parts: South Delhi, Shahjahanabad, Lal Quila and Beyond the city walls. What each section has is the stories from that area, […]