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Yearly Archives: 2008

Committed, Edited by Chris Knutsen & David Kuhn


I had picked up this book sometime in 2006, and by now I had almost forgotten what made me buy this book. The reason I picked up this book to read is that recently I had a conversation with a friend who is shit scared to commit and I somehow thought of peeping into the male mind and gaze why do they run away from committing even when they actually want to. It is a book written by male authors […]

The Back of the Napkin by Dan Roam

BAck of the napkin

Dan Roam is someone who makes his living by drawing pictures. No, he is not a painter or an artist. But what he does is draw simple pictures for the corporate world, and helps them see their problems, situations in perspective using visual thinking. He narrates an interesting story of how he himself got inducted into visual thinking technique when forced to go and talk to a client about something that he had no clue about. My overall impression, the […]

Great Speeches of Modern India by Rudrangshu Mukherjee


This book is a collection of some of the great speeches inIndiafrom 1857 onwards. The cover of the book has been interestingly designed with names of all those, whose speeches are a part of the book. Some of the names actually invite you to pickup the book and read. Book features some of the well known speeches like Nehru’s speech on 15th Aug, 1947, Nathuram Gadse’s speech at his trial, Subhash Chandra Bose’s speech, Swami Vivekananda’s speech inChicago and various […]

The Medici Effect by Frans Johansson


Medici effect refers to the creative environment created by the Medici banking family in Renaissance Italy in 16thCentury. And the author gives insights into how to create that effect again and create spurts of innovation in your environment. Frans refers to this phenomenon as ‘Intersection’, you may refer to this term as ‘cross-pollination’ of ideas from various fields as well. So essentially what the author is saying is identify opportunities for cross-pollination of ideas, or get to a point that […]

Bookless in Baghdad by Shashi Tharoor

Bookless in Baghdad

This book is a very personal account of author’s relationship with world of books, both that he has read and those he has written. Books is a collection of 40 essays that he has written in various places about literature, books, book reviewers, critics, literary festivals and the role of literature in shaping up the society in general. He begins my talking about his childhood and his affair with books since then. How he used to read a book a […]

Life of Pi by Yann Martel


This book was recommended by anyone who has read it, almost unanimously. The book is definitely different from the usual fiction written these days. It reminded me of the stories of survival that I used to read in Reader’s Digest as a kid. It’s just that this story was written in 300+ pages, and talks about sometimes believable and at times unbelievable incidents of survival and the twist at the end leaves you thinking, what to believe and what not […]

Raga Mala by Pt Ravi Shankar

Raag Mala Ravi Shankar

This autobiography completes a small biographies shelf in my library. The book has been well designed to give and gives you a feeling that you are reading something special. There is a lot of Golden color used, both on the cover and inside in text and in pictures. There are beautiful pictures fromRavi’s all phases and tracks of life. It is edited and introduced by George Harrison, who considered Ravi Shankar his guru and his comments are interspersed in the […]

Reflections on the Art of Living – A Joseph Campbell Companion by Diane K Osbon


There are very few books that you read and you know you will keep going back to them. This is one such book. Joseph Campbell is well known for his work in Myths and in comparative religion. In his research on Myths, he has studied most of the religions of the world and can present an interesting comparison. He is greatly influenced by eastern religions specifically Hinduism and Buddhism. He quotes a lot of times from eastern literature such as […]

Games Indians Play by V Raghunathan


If I have summarize this book in one sentence, it would be ‘A book written by a upper middle class Bangalorean, who has to drive through the traffic everyday, who happens to be a student and teacher of management, and he applies game theory to investigate the everyday behavior of Indians, and shares his random thoughts on just about everything that is wrong in India and adds the dash of Gita to bring in spirituality in the end’. It could […]

Code Name GOD by Mani Bhaumik

Code named God

Someone said ‘You can write and book and become famous, or you can become famous and write a book’. The author of this book definitely falls in the second category. Add to it the fact that he was born in an extremely poor, low caste family in the worst times inBengalwhen the country was going through the independence struggle and a famine had hit the region. On top of it he goes on become so rich and famous that for […]