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Book Reviews by Anuradha Goyal

Speed of Trust by Stephen M R Covey

Posted on Oct 13, 2008 in Book Reviews, Self Help

Most of us have either read or at least heard of the Stephen Covey’s ‘7 habits of highly effective people’. Now the author of Speed of...

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Game-Changer by A G Lafley & Ram Charan

Posted on Aug 30, 2008 in Book Reviews, Innovation, Management

The tag line of the book reads ‘How you can drive revenue and profit growth with Innovation’, and the book actually talks about the...

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The new age of Innovation by C K Prahalad, M S Krishnan

Posted on Jul 18, 2008 in Book Reviews, Innovation, Management

I had to read this book as a part of my professional requirement, to be able to talk about what the gurus of Innovation have to say in...

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Scoop by Kuldip Nayar

Posted on Jul 13, 2008 in Book Reviews, Non-Fiction

Kuldip Nayar is one of the most prominent journalists thatIndia has had. He is author several books, most of which are drawn from his...

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The Wisdom of Crowds by James Surowiecki

Posted on Jul 1, 2008 in Book Reviews, Psychology

The title of the book is interesting enough for you to pick up the book and try to get insights into the collective wisdom of crowds. The...

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