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Monthly Archives: December 2005

Angels & Demons by Dan Brown

Angels & Demons

The Vinci code had been lying with me for quite sometime now, but somehow I have not read it, and then I happened to buy this illustrated edition of ‘Angels & Demons’, more for the interesting illustrations it carried. Started reading it last week and there are layers on which this book can be reviewed. The knowledge that it gives you about Vatican City, Rome, its architecture, the works of Michelangelo, Bernini and the brotherhoods like Illuminati. At times you […]

God’s Debris by Scott Adams


This book is exactly what you would not expect from Scott Adams. His Dilbert’s have been a part of our corporate lives forever. But this is a small book where he is trying to answer some fundamental questions that we all face in life, be it about God, science, religion, our beliefs, people, relationships etc. He has tried to address about 25 such common questions or doubts that we usually have. The last chapter is the only place you feel […]