5 Alternative Books About American Identity

American stories are ones of triumphs, of boundary pushing, of great victories that come at the hand of enlightenment or even sacrifice. It’s what makes American literature so singular on the global stage. Pulling the discussions of diversity into those stories can bring even more into the

Shashi Kapoor by Aseem Chhabra

Shashi Kapoor’s biography by Aseem Chhabra talks about one of the most loved stars of Bollywood. Incidentally, I just finished reading the biography of his elder brother Shammi Kapoor where he makes an appearance as his younger brother. Reading both books one after the other puts many

The Course of Love by Alain de Botton

The Course of Love by Alain de Botton takes you to places where most stories do not go. Most love stories end at ‘Happily ever After’. Most story listeners do not ask, what happened after that and those who ask never really get the answer. Author Alain

Alibaba – house that Jack Ma built by Duncan Clark

Jack Ma is one of the richest people alive. He is the Internet entrepreneur from China, the man behind Alibaba – China’s equivalent of Amazon. His story has to be worth reading, especially because we know so little about the ‘world of internet’ in China. We know

The Dance of Durga by Kanika Dhillon

The Dance of Durga by Kanika Dhillon is the story of a strong woman from a small village in Punjab to conquer the world, and when she conquers the world, she has to conquer herself. The story begins in the most dramatic way, with the dying grandmother

The Sialkot Saga by Ashwin Sanghi

The Sialkot Saga by Ashwin Sanghi adds another layer to the brand Ashwin Sanghi – whom I would call the King of parallel narratives. He loves to bring out the parallels between an old story and a contemporary story. He loves to draw parallels between the stories

Best Books on Sri Lanka – Chhimi Tenduf-La

Sri Lanka is a country blessed with great diversity and charm. Thus, it provides a wonderful backdrop for a number of my favourite books, both fiction and non-fiction. In each of these books on Sri Lanka that I have selected, the content is inextricably linked to the setting –

I am Big. So What! By Shuchi Singh Kalra

I am Big, So What ! By Shuchi Singh Kalra is a book that blends the insecurities of a fat girl with the romance of a Mills & Boons variety. Did I enjoy reading it – Oh Yes! Let me share a bit of background on this

Shammi Kapoor – The Game Changer by Rauf Ahmed

Shammi Kapoor – The Game Changer by Rauf Ahmed is the biography of one of the most charismatic stars of Indian Cinema. I remember watching his films of television while growing up and always liked him over most of his contemporaries who were too dull and boring

Taking Leaps and Finding Ghosts by Janet DeLee

Taking leaps and Finding ghosts by Janet DeLee is a sweet little story of a writer who created a self help group of few people to help themselves create a dream life. Her motive is to chase her own dream of living in a self owned cottage.

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