Let Me Tell You About Quinta by Savia Viegas

Goa is an intriguing place – on the face of it, it is the land of sun, sand and sea, but scratch the surface and you find stories of its inherent culture – a culture that has undergone many changes with the traders who traded and invaded.

Innovating Women by Vivek Wadhwa & Farai Chideya

Crowd sourced and crowd promoted – two biggest takeaways from this book for me. The passion with which stories were sourced from around the world for this book and the way it has been promoted so well using the technology and social media – holds a few

Slow Journey South by Paula Constant

Paula Constant with her story of walking from London to the threshold of Sahara Desert re-enforces that walking is the ultimate meditation. She and her husband Gary travel 5000 kms on foot covering 5 countries and as many languages through myriad landscapes, meeting all kind of people

Narendra Modi: The Man, The Times by Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay

This book came before the 2014 and Narendra Modi was a Prime ministerial candidate and not the prime minister. This was the time when curiosity about Narendra Modi, especially outside his home state was at its peak – in the middle of all the euphoria that was

Becoming a Mountain by Stephen Alter

Himalayas – the aura that name generates is nothing compared to what the mountain and its various ranges can do to the ones who dare to explore them. Author Stephen Alter, though American by ethnicity is pretty much a mountain boy having grown up in Mussourie –

2014 in Books

2014 would remain a special year for many reasons. I completed 10 years of blogging – in the world of blogging that would make me a veteran. More importantly this is a year saw many long-standing dreams come true. I moved to Goa in January 2014 – though

Sultana’s Dream by Tara Books & Durga Bai

I have been reading and writing about Tara Books and have always been amazed at how they marry the world of literature and arts in their books. The story of many of their artists’ journeys is awe-inspiring. In October this year, I got an opportunity to visit

Strictly Personal–Manmohan & Gursharan by Daman Singh

Manmohan Singh is a public figure we hardly know anything about except his public persona and his image of being an upright academic turned bureaucrat turned politician who is also world’s leading economist. His wife Gursharan we came to know only when she became visible as Mrs

Being Different by Rajiv Malhotra

I picked up this book after I saw a few videos of Rajiv Malhotra talking about Hinduism and trying to explain it. Videos were impressive. I wrote to him asking which of his books should I first read and he suggested this one. It is a very well

Tell a Thousand Lies by Rasana Atreya

Tell a Thousand Lies by Rasana Atreya is the first book that I read on my Kindle, so it would always remain special to me. I have known Rasana Atreya as the most successful self-published author in India and her books have always had excellent reviews. So,

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