The Patna Manual of Style Stories by Siddharth Chowdhury

The Patna Manual of Style Stories – I quite liked the title. It caught my attention for it spoke about a city that is not usually spoken in literary publications, at least not in the English ones. It then told me it has something to do with

Caravans by Scott C. Levi, Gurcharan Das

Caravans – Indian merchants on the silk road is a part of ‘The Story of Indian Business’ series being edited by Gurcharan Das. I quite enjoyed his earlier books from the series on on Arthashatra, Tamil Temples and East India Company, so was very keen to read

Vitamania by Catherine Price

Vitamania talks about the mania of Vitamins that exists in current day American society. I think India is fast moving towards the same direction, with fortified foods and Vitamin supplements. Author Catherine Price with her extensive research into the history of Vitamins, use of Vitamins, marketing of

Cracking the Code by Ayushmann Khurrana, Tahira Kashyap

Every once in a while you come across a book that surprises you. Ayushmann Khurrana’ s Cracking the Code – My Journey to Bollywood is one such book. When I received this book for review I was not even sure if I would read it. Between some

A Mirrored Life by Rabisankar Bal Tr by Arunava Sinha

I am not sure if I am more impressed by the translations of Arunava Sinha or his choice of books that he chooses to translate. This is the second book of the writer translator duo of Rabisankar Bal and Arunava Sinha I am reading – first being

Juhi Sinha- Author, Traveler, Explorer

Juhi Sinha is one of my favorite authors. Her biography of Bismillah Khan and her travels through Rajasthan made me a fan of hers. So it was a pleasant surprise to get an e-mail from her one day and grabbed the opportunity, and she graciously agreed for

The Short Story Challenge

This is a guest post by AnuReviews reader Gargi Mehra – who has been a part of this short story challenge where a group of women came together to bring out an anthology. At the end of 2013, my friend Radhika Meghanathan proposed an idea – to

Startup Capitals by Zafar Anjum

Startup Capitals by Zafar Anjum started on such a high note that I felt a pang of envy, for this is the kind of book I would have wanted to write. It spoke about the competitiveness of various startup cities across the world and what makes them

Letters for a Nation by Jawaharlal Nehru Ed by Madhav Khosla

1947 to 1963, Jawaharlal Nehru was the prime minister of India and with a tough task to lay the ground for a new country, to bring together hundreds of princely states, to deal with the new & bitter neighbor, to deal with the wars that followed and

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