The House that BJ Built by Anuja Chauhan

I enjoy reading Anuja Chauhan. Her writing has a spunk that keeps you entertained; her characters are people you know around you and her stories move at a pace that keeps you engrossed you till you reach the last page. Her plots have a Bollywood script in-built

Afterlife – Ghost Stories from Goa by Jessica Faleiro

Ghost stories of Jessica Faleiro took me back to my childhood days when we as kids used to gather around our grandmother on electricity-less days and ask her to tell us our favorite ghost stories. We knew most of the stories by heart, but it was her

Born Strong by Paul Lam

Tai Chi has always generated a curiosity in me, but never enough to actually go learn it. So when I got a request from the author – who is a well know Tai Chi expert, to review his book, I thought this is the opportunity to understand

Breaking Barriers by Janaki Krishnan

Stories of 11 successful women, most of who are well known names in India, have been well documented in Breaking Barriers by Janaki Krishnan. Women, women in corporate world, women in entrepreneurial world and just about everywhere are a hot topic these days. I have been reading books,

Matsyagandha by Narendra Kohli

Narendra Kohli is a master storyteller. His forte lies in bringing out the Dwanda or dilemmas that go inside a human mind all the time. He picks up characters from Mahabharata and tells you the same story from a single character’s view. I had earlier reviewed his

Blood Sugar & Spice by Charmaine D’Souza

India is full of diabetics. There is a fair chance that you the reader is a diabetic and there is a very slim chance that you do not know anyone who is diabetic around you. So when a naturopath writes about managing diabetics – you pick up

The way things were by Aatish Taseer

The way things were – in Sanskrit it would mean one word ‘Itihaas’. Aatish Taseer makes a bold attempt at pivoting his Delhi drawing room stories around some words – words that transcend languages and are connected to each other via a common root. He then tries

At Home by Bill Bryson

At Home by Bill Bryson is a mammoth book that takes you around the world, across the eras without really stepping out of the Home. This is the second Bill Bryson book I have read after ‘ A Short History of Nearly everything’ and am fascinated by

A Gathering of Friends by Ruskin Bond

It’s a joy to read Ruskin Bond. His simple stories re-create a life in Dehradoon and around on paper for you. He just picks up scenes and short anecdotes, often involving himself and weaves his magic and presents them to you in such a way that you

On Creativity by Sudhir Kakar & Gunter Blamberger

As a student of Innovation, creativity and the psychology behind it have been a subject of interest for me. Who better than Sudhir Kakar to read about the subject? This book ‘On Creativity’ is a part of series of books on various subjects like Dreams, Death &

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